Tetsu Kasuya God/Devil Hario Switch Recipe

Posted on Jan 3, 2024

Credit for this recipe belongs to Tetsu Kasuya and his Is it the God Recipe, or the Devil Recipe? video.


  • 20g Coffee
    • Grind: relatively fine
  • 280g water @ 90°C
  • Hario Switch, kettle, scale


  1. Open the Switch dripper (prepare for a percolation brew).
  2. 0:00 1st pour 60g for the bloom.
  3. 0:30 2nd pour 60g(to 120g).
  4. Pour cold water to your kettle, to bring down the water temp to 70°C.
  5. 1:15 close the Switch dripper(prepare for an immersion brew), and 3rd pour 160g(to 280g).
  6. 1:45 open the Switch dripper and start the draw down.
  7. 3:00 target time for the end of draw down (you may remove the dripper and adjust the strength by adding hot water to the coffee).