James Hoffman's Ultimate Moka Pot Technique

Posted on Jan 3, 2024

Credit for this recipe belongs to James Hoffman and his Ultimate Moka Pot video. Minor additions were added.


  • 17g coffee
    • rough estimate that fills basket at most grinds without tamping
  • enough water to fill the base to halfway up the pressure release valve
  • a gas stove is ideal, however it is possible on electric
    • induction cooktops require an additional Bialetti accessory if you have an alumnium Moka Pot.
  • Bialetti Moka Pot, kettle, scale, Aeropress filter (optional)


  1. Full basket of coffee
  2. Avoid sputtering phase by cooling down the chamber under cold water


  1. The lighter the roast, the finer the ground.
  2. Less filled boiler will brew a bit earlier. Usually, dark roasts -> a bit less water, light roasts -> full boiler.
  3. Preheat the hob/relatively low heat on the gas hob.
  4. As soon as the liquid starts to flow, turn off the heat. For electric hobs, move it to the edge of the hob.
  5. Using Aeropress filters results in a “cleaner” cup.


  1. Pre boil water in the kettle (speeds up stovetop time).
  2. Grind coffee.
  3. Grab hand protection for heat.
  4. Place an Aeropress filter in the top part of the assembly (optional).
  5. Fill filter basket with your coffee (optionally tamp down) and set aside.
  6. Put on hand protection and hold the base of the Moka pot.
  7. Carefully fill with boiling water to roughly halfway up the pressure release valve.
  8. Place the filter basket inside.
  9. Carefully screw on the top as tightly as is reasonable.
  10. Place assembly on your stovetop on very low heat.
  11. Lift lid and watch the brew closely.
    • When coffee begins to come out, lower the heat.
    • If it is sputtering and bubbling, remove from heat and run under cold water.
  12. When no more coffee is emerging, remove from heat.
  13. Close lid and serve, stirring after the pour.


If the sputtering phase starts before you think it’s time (not enough coffee out etc):

  1. Too fine of a grind.
  2. Too much heat.