Coffee Notes

Posted on Jan 3, 2024
tl;dr: This information is all dubious, but may explain things that are unclear in other posts.


  • Equipment weights (note: inaccurate scale):
    • Kettle: 682.0g
    • Aeropress: 183.0g
      • Filter holder: 15.0g
      • Base: 84.5
      • Plunger: 84.0
    • Grinder: 540.5g
      • Grounds holder: 105.5g
      • Bean Assembly: 330.5g
      • Arm: 105.0g
    • Melitta Dripper: 57.0g
    • Hario Decanter: 387.0g
    • Eric Cup: 235.0g

General Coffee Notes

  • General starting ratios:
    • Infusion: 75g/L
    • Percolation: 60g/L
  • Use a coarser grind for a Melitta than for a V60.
  • V60 plastic more worth it than ceramic because preheating it is annoying.
  • Experiment: V60 method with Melitta vs blooming and just pouring all the water all at once
    • Results: V60 had a lot more body and flavor, worth the extra effort
    • Very similar once cooled
  • V60 handles finer grinds MUCH better, way more body and flavor coming through

Grind Notes

Grinder: Chestnut C3 ESP

  • Temperature assumed to be 100°C unless specified otherwise.

Notation for Brewing Log

  • The 0.01 and 0.02 refers to 1 or 2 ticks past a whole number.
  • A ^¹ indicates that this coffee was compared with one with another of the same number.